Total Support Estimate


by IFPRI | November 16, 2022
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The Total Support Estimate (TSE) is an indicator of the annual monetary value of all gross transfers from taxpayers and consumers arising from policy measures which support agriculture, net of the associated budgetary receipts, regardless of their objectives and impact on farm production and income, or consumption of farm products.

Context: The TSE is the sum of the explicit and implicit gross transfers from consumers of agricultural commodities to agricultural producers net of producer financial contributions (in MPS and CSE); the gross transfers from taxpayers to agricultural producers (in PSE); the gross transfers from taxpayers to general services provided to agriculture (GSSE); and the gross transfers from taxpayers to consumers of agricultural commodities (in CSE).

As the transfers from consumers to producers are included in the MPS, the TSE is also the sum of the PSE, the GSSE, and the transfers from taxpayers to consumers (in CSE).

The TSE measures the overall transfers associated with agricultural support, financed by consumers (transfers from consumers) and taxpayers (transfers from taxpayers) net of import receipts (budget revenues).

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