General Services Support Estimate


by IFPRI | November 16, 2022
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The General Services Support Estimate (GSSE) is an indicator of the annual monetary value of gross transfers to services provided collectively to agriculture and arising from policy measures which support agriculture, regardless of their nature, objectives and impacts on farm production, income, or consumption of farm products.

Context: It includes taxpayer transfers to: improve agricultural production (research and development); agricultural training and education (agricultural schools); control of quality and safety of food, agricultural inputs, and the environment (inspection services); improving off-farm collective infrastructures, including downstream and upstream industry (infrastructures); assist marketing and promotion (marketing and promotion); meet the costs of depreciation and disposal of public storage of agricultural products (public stockholding); and other general services that cannot be disagreggated and allocated to the above categories due, for example, to a lack of information (miscellaneous).

Unlike the Producer Support Estimate (PSE) and Consumer Support Estimate (CSE) transfers, these transfers are not received by producers or consumers individually and do not affect farm receipts (revenue) or consumption expenditure by their amount, although they may affect production and consumption of agricultural commodities.

The percentage GSSE (%GSSE) is the ratio of the GSSE to the Total Support Estimate.

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